Avoid mobile hacking and banking fraud

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello friends this is my first post and in this post i am going to provide you some ways with the help of which you can avoid mobile hacking and banking fraud through your mobile.

As all we know that today the number of mobile user are much higher than the number of internet users this is because today mobile is also reached at that place where computers do not have any sign.In the same way we can also say that mobile banking is also became more common in comparison to internet banking because it provides portability to its users,with its advantages it also offers some risk to its user of mobile hacking.Today you see a lot of cases where mobile hacking is the common thing and with the help of it various banking frauds and cyber crime takes place.Now i am going to provide you some measures with the help of which you can avoid mobile hacking and banking frauds.
1.Always use the phone lock when it is not in use.Try to choose a strong password that means it is at least 8 characters long and must be a combination of alphabets,numerals and symbols.

2. Never disclose via text message any personal information (account numbers, passwords or any combination of sensitive information like your PAN card, birth date, etc that could be used for identity theft).

3.Whenever you are accessing internet through your mobile always check that whether your mobile is configured securely or not otherwise their will be a chance of hacking.You can easily configure these settings by visiting the Security and privacy settings of your phone.

4.You can also install an antivirus or firewall protection into your mobile phone to protect your mobile from virus attack.

5. Always switch off the blue tooth when not in use to avoid viruses.


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