3rd April Ipad is going to launch....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Computerworld - April 3 is the big day, when everything changes. Are you ready?

I think the iPad is the most important launch in Apple's history -- bigger than Mac, iPod or iPhone. More important, I think it's the most important cultural phenomenon of this generation. It's bigger than technology.I'm no fanboy. I've tried to envision some conceivable series of events that might leave the iPad as only moderately successful, but I can't come up with any. All circumstances, facts and events in technology, media and elsewhere seem to point to the same inexorable outcome: The iPad will be huge.Pundits, bloggers and gadget enthusiasts are talking about the iPad like it's just another device, on a par with other devices. My view is that the iPad is utterly unique.

Everyone from engineers to neo-luddites will buy iPads. It will be the first device in recent years to match the technical-enthusiasm range of the cell phone market.Gamers, readers, TV watchers, movie enthusiasts will get one.Schools, churches, libraries, small businesses, restaurants, nightclubs, malls and other organizations will put them to use.Pilots, teachers, public speakers, artists, contractors, writers, and other professionals will enhance their careers with iPads. The Pentagon will go nuts for this thing.The combination of touch, rich media, third-party applications and familiar (iPhone-like) user interface make it ideal for people who would never dream of buying most other categories of consumer electronics.

But more important than that, I believe the iPad will become such a cultural phenomenon that it will become a symbol or an icon of the coming decade. Future generations might refer to the two-thousand and teens as the "iPad Era."


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